Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the legal governing and policy making body of SHC.  The Board’s power is delegated to it by the Membership through House discussion & vote, and Membership referenda.  Directors of the Board take into account the needs of the Members as well as the longevity of the Corporation as a whole. 

Each SHC house has a single representative on the Board, with Executive Committee members serving as non-voting members. Additionally, there are several non-voting At-Large members who join in Board discussions during meetings.

The Board shall exercise all the responsibilities of the By-Laws, and each Board member has the following specific roles and responsibilities:

  • Role as Representative: 
    • Represent his/her individual cooperative at Board meetings in an effort to further the best interests of the membership.
    • Represent the Board of Directors actions, efforts and discussions and report these to her/his individual cooperative in order to further understanding of SHC issues.
    • Reading the Board Packs in order to obtain input and discussion from House members.
  • Role as Trustee:
    • Act as the legally responsible representative for all corporate policy-making activity.
    • Act in the best interests of SHC in order to provide for the longevity of the corporation.
    • Ultimately answerable for all Staff and Executive Officer actions.
    • Consider of any concerns or operational difficulties that may arise within the organization as presented by Members, Officers or Staff.
    • Providing for the long-term planning and development of the MSU-Student Housing Cooperative, Inc..
    • Publish and distribute an Annual Corporate Report within the first quarter of each calendar year. 
    • Taking action necessary to provide a cooperative environment and proactive solutions.