Committees keep the SHC running smoothly.  Each house selects members to serve on one of six standing committees; Education, Membership, Physical Development, Maintenance, Finance, and the Board of Directors.  These committees are chaired by members of the Executive Committee, a group of member officers that are elected by general membership each year.

Each committee plays a key role in decision making and other organizational functions. With the help of a small but dedicated professional staff, member involvement on these committees is what runs the SHC.  Please take a moment to learn about how it all works. Don't forget! Non-officer members are welcome to attend any committee meeting, so don't miss out on having your say.

The Executive Committee


The EC is a seven-member committee of elected officers and one Board-appointed officer who oversee the SHC's operations and chairs the standing committees. Comprised of the SHC President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Membership, Maintenance Vice President, Vice President of Education, the Corporate Treasurer, and the Corporate Secretary, each officer is responsible for managing a separate part of weekly co-op living.

2012-2013 Executive Committee