Physical Development Committee

Chaired by the EVP, the House Maintenance Officers meet to discuss the well-being of the houses. Not only does this committee approve corporate maintenance expenditures, but they also discuss the long term maintenance concerns and what can be done about them now.

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A Maintenance Officers Resource

The Physical Development Committee is a resource that can and should be used. Although no one person knows every thing about maintenance, collectively the PD Committee holds a vast amount of know how and experiences. Together we can answer most questions that may arise or offer a place to find an answer. The maintenance officer should never feel intimidated or embarrassed about a question they may have, at some point everyone didn’t know it ether. Every question is an important one if you are not sure of an answer.


Maintenance Issues

Although the executive vice-president runs the meetings and may have specific things for the maintenance officer to do, the meetings are for the officers to discus maintenance issues that pertain to them, their house, and SHC. The committee is also responsible for deciding how to allocate the physical Development budget. The EVP and committee members can present possible maintenance projects that need to be done. The committee decides which projects to fund. This does not mean that every house will have a project funded. The committee votes to spend the money on the most critical projects.



Fall and spring grants are distributed at the PD committee meetings. At these meeting each maintenance officer presents their grant proposal and is then voted on by the committee for approval. If the maintenance officer or a house representative is not at the meeting the house could loose their grant money.