Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for publishing the Student Housing Cooperative's bi-weekly newsletter, The Pine Press. This publication is full of rants and raves, how-to features, stories, recipes, invitations to events, pranks, manifestos, photos, and drawings. The Pine Press is the voice of our community.

The Education Committee also undertakes a semesterly philanthropy event. In the recent past, we have organized parties and enjoyed dancing and making crafts with children at the Refugee Development Center in Lansing. The Education Committee also organizes the new member orientation for new co-op residents in order to familiarize them with aspects and values of our community. This event is required for all members in order to ensure that our members know the rules and regulations of both MSU SHC and their individual houses, but members also learn helpful tips that lead to successful independent and cooperative living and interpersonal relationships.

Additionally, this committee is involved with maintaining the constitutions of our houses and ensuring that members abide by these documents. The Education Committee is a resource that can be used to understand more about the different operating styles and systems that may be implemented in each house; together we can learn and share what works and for whom.