MSU Student Housing Cooperative

The MSU Student Housing Cooperative (MSU SHC) is a non-profit, autonomous organization providing an affordable off-campus housing option to students and the Greater Lansing community. There are more than 240 members in our 17 houses. Houses vary from 5 to 29 members, each with their own character and history. Our name honors our historical affiliation with Michigan State University, where we remain a registered student organization. However, we operate independently from the university with additional requirements and guidelines for membership.

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Meet your Executive Committee!

Jimmy Coyer  President

Jimmy Coyer


Hi all! I’m from Okemos, Michigan- in other words, right next door to East Lansing! I enjoy animation, making comics, theatre, and wearing socks on my hands. In high school, I spent most my time working late nights in our scene shop, making set pieces, props, and working lighting and sound for many plays and other performance. Now, I spend time building and making things at home whenever I can. Since I moved in Apollo in Fall 2016, I’ve served as office labor, Vice President of Facilities, and now serve as our co-op’s President! My goal for this year is to tidy up our policies in the Code of Operations, to help make our committees’ decisions clearer and more easily accessible. Always happy to respond to emails from anyone with questions or concerns, so please reach out!

Melanie Ebeling  VP Membership

Melanie Ebeling

VP Membership

Hi! I’m your VPM and I love people. I was born in Germany so if you wanna brush up on your German skills hmu! I also love to craft and sew. I lived in Hedrick last year and now I live in Bowie. I was lucky to win rock-paper-scissors against Kayla (our corporate Treasurer) for Hedrick Membership Officer, and totally fell in love with the job. I ran for VPM and now I get to put on events for you all and help you fill your houses! I am also here to help you with any conflicts that arise in your houses, or if you just need to vent. My goal for this year is to make sure we invite people into our community that will help us meet our ends and care about our movement. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns (or haikus or songs or interpretive dances)!

Kayla Makela  Corporate Treasurer

Kayla Makela

Corporate Treasurer

I’m from about as north as you can go in Michigan- Houghton, the Copper Country, the good ol’ Keweenaw, call it what you will. I’m studying music (flute) and computational mathematics with a minor in Spanish and I’m in my 4th year out of 5. I love to read, binge shows and podcasts, and spend time with my housemates at Hedrick. In my first year in the co-ops, I took the least-desired chore of finance officer and from my first finance meeting I knew I wanted to be the corporate treasurer. I love organization, numbers, etc. so it was a perfect match and I was excited to give back to the organization that had become my family. My goals for this year have been to increase financial literacy in the membership and review and revise finance-related code in the Code of Operations. I’m always happy to talk SHC or house finance with anyone- please feel free to contact me at any time!

Alissa Kuhn  VP of Education

Alissa Kuhn

VP of Education

Hi I’m Alissa your VPE! I’m a Junior at State getting a double major in Plant Bio and Packaging. I like coffee, plants, and activities. I live in Phoenix, the biggest and baddest co-op! My first year in the ops I was the house education officer and knew I wanted to be more involved with the committee. Apart from working on the executive team for the SHC, I work in a mycology lab on switchgrass biofuels. Always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Connor Lareau  Corporate Secretary

Connor Lareau

Corporate Secretary

My name is Connor Lareau, and I am a senior at MSU majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences. This is my first semester living in a housing cooperative, having moved into Bower late this summer. I subsequently became the board representative for Bower, and more recently the corporate secretary for the SHC. Taking part in the inner workings of our cooperative movement is an amazing opportunity, as my major focuses on community governance and advocacy. I am excited to serve as the SHC’s corporate secretary and gain valuable experience working in governance. Outside of academics and cooperative responsibilities I spend my time camping, traveling, going to concerts and exercising. I plan on moving out west after graduation in search of a temperate climate, easily accessible national parks, and employment.

Meet your Staff!

holly jo Sparks is a professional community, cooperative and economic developer, Co-Founder & Principal at Collective Seeds Consulting Co-op. She also owns and manages Creekside Cottages, a yearly rental and all-ages hostel. She enjoys yoga, feng shui, trivia, bonfires, wine and travel.

holly jo Sparks  Executive Director

holly jo Sparks

Executive Director

Mike McCurdy  Maintenance Coordinator

Mike McCurdy

Maintenance Coordinator

Mike McCurdy has worked with the MSU SHC for over 10 years. Before then, he lived at Rivendell Cooperative House in Lansing. He also, in his youth, lived at Howland House. Mike McCurdy is a jack-of-all-trades, and knows how to do most things maintenance! He is a licensed builder. He’s left a legacy at every single one of our Cooperative Houses, whether through routine maintenance or his master carpentry skills. He responsibly logs wood destroyed by emerald ash borers to utilize as window frames and other countertops throughout our cooperative system. He creates unique and stunning structures for pots and pans holders, cabinet stabilizers, and even makes trash bin drawers look good. He, apart from being a life-long cooperator, organizes for social justice and has done peace work in Palestine. He is is a proud father of 3 and grandfather of 1, and spends most of his free time with his family.

Nola Warner  Member Services Coordinator

Nola Warner

Member Services Coordinator

Nola has an easy claim to fame here at the Co-op : All members interact with her in some way, at some point. She frequently answer the phone, reviews your applications, is a friendly face of our Office, and emails all prospective members. She has Co-Directed an activist-based collective called the Kalamazoo Peace Center, have worked in Alaska and Louisiana doing Environmental Education, lived in 3 different intentional communities, is on the Board for the North American Students of Cooperation as well as a local non-profit, the Peace Education Center. As Member Services Coordinator, she : manage accounts receivable, supports the Membership and Education Committees with their goals and needs, considers herself the office and communications director, facilitates trainings, manages and oversees all member contracts, and assist in conflict management. Since July of 2015 she has put her heart into working towards a more cooperative Greater Lansing Area through her work at MSU SHC.

MC Rothhorn  Financial Cooperator

MC Rothhorn

Financial Cooperator

MC Rothhorn was born and raised in Ann Arbor and graduated in 1995 from MSU with a BA in International Relations and German. In class, MC met his partner, Tamiko, who took him to Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina as a volunteer with the Brethren Volunteer Service for several years. After the birth of their first daughter, Kata, they returned home to Lansing to help build Genesee Garden Cohousing, start a small rental business, and allow MC to pursue his passions in small business and organizational development. MC has worked at NorthWest Initiative as their business manager, has taught accounting online at Lansing Community College, has been an early-childhood-parent consultant with Ingham Great Start Collaborative, and has been employed with the MSU Student Housing Cooperative as their Financial Cooperator since April 2016. He serves and has served on several non-profit and neighborhood boards and enjoys playing with his partner, their two daughters, all their grandparents, and his neighbors and friends in Downtown Lansing.