Here are some important forms used by the SHC for myriad and sundry things. We will try to get as much as we can up here as quickly as possible, but for now we have:

  1. The House Treasurer's Reconciliation form.
  2. The Check Request form. Checks are cut on Wednesday mornings, and check requests have to be turned in by 5:00 on Tuesday in order for them to be processed.
  3. The Shares Return form for departing and former members. If you are planning to move out, you must have the check-out sheet signed by the maintenance officer, otherwise your shares will not be processed and you may be subject to a cleaning fee. If you have already departed, please fill out the form and return the form to our office for processing.
  4. The Release Request form for departing SHC early. This must be turned in to the office before a replacement can sign a contract. You can also find this listed on the "Room Availability" tab.
  5. The Late Fee Waiver form. Late Fees are income for the House, and the House needs to approve removal of fines. Your treasurer's signature is required to confirm that the house agrees to waive the fine.