427 W. Hillsdale

Lansing, MI

  • Members: 8 (8 singles)
  • Floors: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Refrigerators: 2
  • Laundry: 1 washer, 1 dryer
  • Facilities: Large basement, garage, entrances to every level
  • Common Areas: Living room, dining room, two full kitchens
  • Highlights: Located in Lansing, wraparound porch


Hillsdale Co-op was purchased to provide an opportunity for cooperative living to the Lansing community and SHC members who no longer held student status. To allow member-owners who weren't students, the house was rented by the SHC to the Hillsdale Community Co-op, which operated the house until the end of 2010.

Now, the house has been brought on as a fourteenth co-op for the SHC, with help from residents from Vesta, Orion, and a graduated Ferencian. The house's location provides a great opportunity for those looking to live in a more urban setting. The house was originally built for three families, which means that, for its eight members, the house has more than enough room. The house has a parking lot and is close to Lansing bus lines, making for an easy commute to MSU, LCC, and Cooley.



Contact Mike Schroeder (jakhooper@msn.com)