The MSU Student Housing Cooperative was founded in 1972 as a federation of several independent cooperatives in East Lansing, Michigan, eventually expanding to own and operate thirteen co-ops in East Lansing, and one in Lansing proper.

SHC is a proud advocate for the cooperative model of member-ownership, and promotes community involvement, member investment, and stewardship in each cooperative house. SHC members enjoy a discount with the East Lansing Food Cooperative, as well as the benefits of membership in NASCO, the North American Students of Cooperation.

SHC is proud to offer affordable, democratic, community-based housing to students in the Great Lansing Area.




1939 Hedrick co-op established at 415 Albert
1949 Elsworth co-op established at 218 Albert
1941 Hedrick members purchase the house at 903 East Grand River
1944 Bower purchased in the summer at 708 E. Michigan State University
1946 Motts Co-op established; Ulrey men's co-op established
1947  Bower co-op established
1948  Howland co-op established; All Nations co-op established; Hedrick repopulated at 903 East Grand River
1949  Beal Street co-op established
1950  All Nations co-op closes; Elsworth sells 218 Albert, the members build 711 W. Grand River
1954  Hedrick co-op on 903 E. Grand River burns down
1956  Hedrick co-op rededication at 140 Haslett (now Collingood) by MSU President Hannah
1963  Howland co-op buys 548 M.A.C.
1964  Hedrick co-op purchases 146 Haslett (later to be Farency co-op)
1969  SHC forms as a federation of Bower, Elsworth and Hedrick; Ulrey Men's co-op closes, starts up Ulrey Trust Fund; Ulrey Women's co-op starts up at 437, 445 Abbott
1970  Eleutheria co-op established (rental property); Evergreen co-op established
1971  SHC becomes a collective land trust; Motts house closes, members move to 420 Evergreen (aka The Raft)
1972  The Raft is renamed Knight House co-op; Eleutheria destroyed by fire; Ulrey Women's co-op established at 505 M.A.C.; Eleutheria and Ulrey repopulate Nexus; Nexus established at 437/445 Abbott; Evergreen co-op sold to local apartment building owner's, Phunn: Bogue Street co-op rented at 207 Bogue.
1973  Haslett Street becomes Collingwood; 501 M.A.C. purchased (potentially new housing for Nexus or new Comm)
1974  Tralfamador co-op established at 501 M.A.C.
1975  Knight House renamed Major Raoul Lufberry; Phunn House purchased at 207 Bogue
1976  445 Abbott sold to a sorority; 152 Collingwood purchased as a part of Hedrick; Nexus closes at 437 Abbott; Phoenix established at 437 Abbott
1978  New Community: 415/425 Ann Street is purchased
1979  Phoenix closes at 437 Abbott
1980  Major Raoul Lufberry closes; SHC obtains a $1 million HUD loan for: Woodside (910 Abbott, a co-op for a year), New Community rehabilitation, Key Largo established at 146 Collingwood, and Atlantis
1982  Atlantis repopulated at 207 Bogue; Ulrey repopulated at 505 M.A.C.
1985  Elsworth co-op close, rented to [Asher Christian Scientists]; Ulrey renamed Zolton after Zolton Ferency at 505 M.A.C.
1986  146/152 Collingwood break away, renamed Key Largo
1987  Elsworth at 711 W Grand River rented to Sigma Alpha Mu (SAMmies); 146/152 Collingwood split; 152 Collingwood rented Asher Christian Scientists; 146 Collingwood becomes Key Largo
1988  501 M.A.C turned into a graduate co-op
1989  501 M.A.C. reopened to general membership
1991  Miles co-op established 152 Collingwood
1992  SAMmies expelled and repopulated as an Elsworth at 711 W Grand River
1993  Zolton closes at 505 M.A.C.
1994  Phoenix established at 239 Oakhill; 415 Ann repopulated as a co-op (Toad Lane); Key Largo renamed Ferency after Zolton Ferency
1995  Audre Lorde renamed Niko co-op
1996  Orion changes its name to NASA; Elsworth closes from Summer until the Fall
1997  NASA renamed Orion
1998  Bower repopulated by Atlantis, Elsworth, Hedrick, Miles, and Orion; Alliance between SHC and Circle Pines formed; SHC grants Sigma Pi exclusive rights to Phoenix co-op
2000  Phoenix repopulated by SHC, Sigma Pi moves to Niko
2001  Niko (Sigma Pi) renamed Shadowood
2002  Sigma Pi leaves Shadowood and leaves the SHC; Shadowood repopulated and renamed Mosier
2009  SHC acquires the independent co-op Beal House after the previous residents were unable to pass city inspection or pay their taxes
 2011  .........