SHC Maintenance

Important Maintenance Documents:

Click here for forms, phone numbers, how-tos and more! This folder also contains the Agendas and Minutes for the Maintenance Committee.


House Maintenance: Whose Job is it?

House maintenance officers are responsible for tending to basic maintenance activities and minor repairs within SHC houses. It is also the maintenance officer's responsibility to act as a line of communication between the house, Maintenance Coordinator, and Maintenance Committee. Serious maintenance issues must be reported immediately. In most cases, timely reporting can prevent larger problems before they worsen.

We ask that you try to fix and maintain your house but maintenance is often best practiced with others. If a task is beyond your skill level, or you are unsure of how to proceed, please consult with the Maintenance Coordinator before attempting. The SHC does not require members to undertake any type of maintenance activity that could be dangerous and doing so is at your own risk. 


Who to Call?

The Maintenance Coordinator is available during maintenance committee meetings and by phone during working hours (Monday-Friday, 9AM-3PM)

In the event of a maintenance emergency, please contact Mike by phone immediately. If attempts to contact Mike fail, drop a line to one of these vendors.