Membership Committee

Vice President of Membership: Maureen van de Water

The Membership Committee consists of the membership from each SHC house, the Vice President of Membership, and a representative from the Board of Directors.

The duties and responsibilities of the Membership Committee are:

  • Assisting the VPM in keeping membership records filed at the beginning of each quarter and updated in writing bi-weekly.
  • Organizing and executing membership drives.
  • Organizing publicity campaigns, advertising, posters, and presentations to outside groups.
  • Assisting the VPM in formulating the corporate membership budget.
  • Developing membership and education section of the SHC Annual Corporate Report, including annotated tables of all Household's quarterly occupancy.
  • Coordinating and oversee the preparations and running of All-Membership Meetings, parties and orientations, and be responsible for any money budgeted in this regard.
  • Working to establish and maintain a tolerant and cooperative atmosphere for any member.