MSU Student Housing Cooperative

The MSU Student Housing Cooperative (MSU SHC) is a non-profit, autonomous organization providing an affordable off-campus housing option to students and the Greater Lansing community. There are more than 240 members in our 17 houses. Houses vary from 5 to 29 members, each with their own character and history. Our name honors our historical affiliation with Michigan State University, where we remain a registered student organization. However, we operate independently from the university with additional requirements and guidelines for membership.

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New Community

Members: 15 (7 singles, 4 non-singles)
Approx. cost: Single-$517/mo Non-single-$372/mo
Floors: 4 (walkout basement)
Bathrooms: 4
Pantry: Yes
Refrigerators: 2
Laundry: 1 washer, 1 dryer
Common Areas: 1st floor living room and bar room, basement kitchen with dining room
Highlights: "The Airlock:" mural space with upright bike rack/indoor garden, garden space and large compost bin, elevated deck with multi-level access, large parking lot.
Bus Line: #1 CATA line
Nearby Locations: Berkey Hall & Olin Health Center, Espresso Royale (coffee shop), The Peanut Barrel (bar), MSUFCU (credit union), SBS (bookstore)
Blocks from campus: 2

Stepping into New Comm is like stepping into wonderland! It is the most magical place imaginable, a place where you can truly be yourself. New Comm has a very relaxed environment, the couches are comfy, the cartoons are hilarious, and the company is wonderful. New Comm exists for the sake of spreading love and kindness throughout the universe, through compassion and cooperation.  You’ll find the most kind and genuine people at New Comm, and that is really what makes this house special!

Interested? Apply to the SHC first by clicking here. Then contact Shanice Pinson, the Membership Officer, at


Started by a group of radical cooperators in 1969 who wanted a less structured living style, the group, which called themselves New Community, began renting different houses in the late 1960s and running them as sort of counter-culture, utopian co-op experiments, joining the newborn Student Housing Cooperative in 1972.
After losing the original property on Albert (which was moved to M.A.C Ave. to make way for the Marriott), SHC rented a property at 437 Abbott, a location of several previous co-ops (such as Nexus and Phoenix), and it became New Community in 1979. With money from the HUD loan in 1980, SHC purchased properties 415 and 425 Ann to provide housing for New Community members.
New Community did not last long as a two-house cooperative. In 1981, the properties split and New Community became exclusively located at 425 Ann. SHC operated 415 Ann Street as a rental property until 1995, when it became a brand-new five-member co-op, Toad Lane.
From 1997 until 2004, New Community operated as the official Honors College co-op, but returned to  open membership. In 2010 and 2011, the residents engaged in home improvement projects, painting several rooms (including the kitchen), removing old carpet and refinishing wood floors, and having tile installed in the first floor bathroom and hallways.