MSU Student Housing Cooperative

The MSU Student Housing Cooperative (MSU SHC) is a non-profit, autonomous organization providing an affordable off-campus housing option to students and the Greater Lansing community. There are more than 240 members in our 17 houses. Houses vary from 5 to 29 members, each with their own character and history. Our name honors our historical affiliation with Michigan State University, where we remain a registered student organization. However, we operate independently from the university with additional requirements and guidelines for membership.

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MSU SHC recognizes Ulrey Scholarship recipient

Emily Sierawski

Emily Sierawski

Michigan State University student and Student Housing Cooperative member Emily Sierawski is awarded the Ulrey Cooperative Scholarship for the 2014-2015 academic year. The scholarship provides $9520 for two semesters of enrollment.  

The Ulrey Cooperative Scholarship is derived from the Ulrey Trust Fund that started in 1969. The scholarship is awarded yearly to one MSU student living in a co-op who demonstrates their ambition to fulfill their goals, both academically and professionally. The MSU SHC has the largest collection of co-ops in East Lansing. Recipients are chosen on a competitive basis. 

The scholarship is named after Dr. Orion Ulrey, an Agricultural Economics professor at Michigan State. He founded Farm House Fraternity, established the MSU Federal Credit Union, and was essential to the development of cooperative living for students in East Lansing. House of Orion is named in his honor.

Emily studies English with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. She is a member of New Community cooperative on Ann Street. This house joined the SHC in 1972 and is home to 15 members. Emily will live in New Community again in the fall.

When she isn’t writing thousands of words for her English papers, Emily spends time working at MSU Greenline, volunteering as an English tutor and making memories with her housemates. 

“With so many distinct individuals living under one roof there is always something going on, someplace to go, or someone to meet,” said Emily. To her, they have become more like family than housemates. She said “I came to the co-ops for the cheap rent, I stayed in the co-ops for the people.”
New Community, 425 Ann St

New Community, 425 Ann St

Emily says her house is “a place to call home that actually feels like home. A house unlike any other on the block, community food and cleaning supplies... Mostly, though, you get kinship and a sense of belonging.”

The MSU SHC is a not-for-profit organization and has more than 200 members in 14 houses across East Lansing. Their mission is to provide affordable, self-governing community housing to students while living close to campus. Your house is what you make it.

There is opportunity to meet hundreds of new and unique individuals as a member of the co-ops. Houses vary from five to 29 members. There are single and non-single room options available. Utilities and a maintenance budget are included in rent. Some houses offer a pantry or meal plan, which is included in rent as well. Members have the privilege of not worrying about bills and groceries. 

Each house is distinct in character, history and governance. The SHC has gained a network of more than 4,000 members since it was established.

For more information, call 989-964-9457. To learn more about the SHC and the houses, visit or contact the SHC office at 517-355-8313.