MSU Student Housing Cooperative

The Michigan State University Student Housing Cooperative (MSU SHC) is a non-profit organization providing a low-cost housing option for students at MSU and surrounding schools. There are more than 200 members in 15 houses across the East Lansing area. Houses vary from five to 29 members, each with their own character and history. 

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6 things you are likely to hear a lot when you live in a co-op

If you're considering joining a co-op, here's a quick run-through of some things you'll hear quite a bit around your house. If you already live in a co-op, scroll down and relate.

"Who wants to go with me?"
Living with a group of awesome people means they are doing awesome things all the time. People have different groups they are involved in or know of various events around the area. Your housemates are constantly telling you about cool things to go check out together.

The upsparkle. It's a kind of non-verbal communication used in meetings/discussions to express agreement. You simply raise your hand and wiggle your fingers, showing that you like or agree with what is being said without interrupting the conversation. However, many co-opers have brought the word "upsparkle" into their vocabulary for when want to verbally express agreement!
Example: "So I was thinking we could all go to Soup Spoon for dinner tonight?" "Yes, upsparkle!" or "I upsparkle that."

"Is that house?"
From appliances, to pantry food and more, lots of things in co-ops are shared. Sometimes tasty treats or other fun things appear in common spaces or on house shelves to be shared. Chances are if you've got something that others are interested in, they will say these three words. 
Example: you're enjoying some delicious chips and salsa that you were excited to find on the house pantry shelf. Another housemate comes into the kitchen..."Hey! Oooh, is that house?" "Yes, yes it is!"

"You can recycle that"
Co-ops embrace sustainability. Of course, some people have more knowledge about practices such as recycling than others. You are likely to hear this if you're tossin' out that plastic hummus container, as many of our members and houses are thorough about recycling.

If your house has a meal plan, this is something you might hear up to 5 nights a week. Some houses even have a dinner bell that they ring throughout the house when it's time to gather for some grub.

"I used to live here"
Many of these co-op houses have loooong histories. Especially during homecoming and other big weekends, you may have past members come visit. They will always have interesting stories and memories to share. Show 'em around for old time's sake!

What else do you hear around your co-op? Leave a comment below.