MSU Student Housing Cooperative

The MSU Student Housing Cooperative (MSU SHC) is a non-profit, autonomous organization providing an affordable off-campus housing option to students and the Greater Lansing community. There are more than 240 members in our 17 houses. Houses vary from 5 to 29 members, each with their own character and history. Our name honors our historical affiliation with Michigan State University, where we remain a registered student organization. However, we operate independently from the university with additional requirements and guidelines for membership.

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  239 Oakhill

239 Oakhill

Members: 29 (11 singles, 9 non-singles)
Approx. cost: Single-$523/mo Non-single-$385/mo
Floors: 3
Bathrooms: 6
Mealplan: Yes, vegetarian option
Refrigerators: 4
Laundry: multiple washers and dryers
Common Areas: Living room, dining room, kitchen, bike room
Highlights: Back patio, fire pit, hardwood floors
Bus Line: Abbot Rd Bus Line
Nearby Locations: Valley Park and Tennis Courts, Crunchy's (bar), Biggby 24-hr Coffee Shop, Hannah Community Center, Dublin Square (bar)
Blocks from campus: 5

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Phoenix house, formerly the FIJI Fraternity house, was in extremely poor condition when SHC bought the house and would not pass building inspections. However, after more than $70,000 in renovations and nine months of work, Phoenix House is now one of SHC's most beautiful (and biggest) houses. The house, named after a bird in Greek Mythology, which was consumed by fire and rose renewed from the ashes, revitalized the name of a previous Phoenix co-op that existed in East Lansing.

From August of 1998 until May of 2000, the house functioned as a closed membership house, filled with members of the Sigma Pi Fraternity, and participated in SHC governance the same as the other houses. In May of 2000, the Sigma Pi residents moved to Shadowood to pursue a special use permit.